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Tata is the smart anti-abandonement pad.Place it on your child's car-seat and do not worry anymore.
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Warning: baby on board!
Tata warns you
if your child is still in the car.

Place Tata on the car-seat and connect it to the app on your smartphone.

Using its sensors, Tata can understand if the baby is still on board and warns you, through the app, if you unintentionally walk away from him.

Place Tata on your child car-seat, and forget about it.
Tata will warn you in case of need.

1. Ringing alarm
In case of accidental abandonment, if your baby is in the car, Tata app will send a loud alarm on you smartphone, lasting 60 seconds.
2. Emergency call and SMS
If you do not snooze the alarm within 60 seconds, Tata app will send an SMS and an emergency call to 5 preselected contacts, with the GPS position of the car.

Easy and fast setup

Installing Tata is very easy: put it on your child car-seat, download the app and connect Tata to the smartphone.

Long-lasting, replaceable battery

Tata works with two common batteries (AAA). After 1 year you can simply replace them.

Compatible with every child car-seat

Tata is compatible with any car-seat,
it is designed to fit any model.


Tata is so smart that you do not even need to turn it on. It will be active while your baby is on board.

Even a short commute counts.
Keep safe who you love most.
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