Filo Tag

Filo is here to help youfindeverythingthat matters.

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For Him

You will not waste timelooking for your keysanymore

how it works

For Her

Drop it in your purse or put it in your wallet
and do not forget anything anymore.

how it works

Filo is a small
device that helps
you to never forget
or lose what matters
most to you,
with a simple
app on your phone.

Attach it

Simply attach Filo
to the important things you don’t want
to lose or forget.

Ring it

Connect Filo to the Filo app
and ring your connected
items from your phone.

Find it

Quickly find your lost valuables or
remind yourself where you
last left them.

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Filo and Iphone App
  • For your wallet

    Insert Filo into your wallet and use the Filo app to locate it by making it ring or check where you last left it behind on the map.

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  • For your bag

    Attach Filo to your bag and activate the Comfort Zone. Be notified on your phone the moment you leave your bag behind.

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  • For your smartphone

    Simply press twice the button on Filo and your smartphone will ring, even when it’s in silent mode.

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  • For your keys

    Attach Filo to your keys and pair it with the Filo app on your phone. Now you can easily ring your keys and find them fast.

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Filo Tag

The newest and loudest Filo, Filo Tag.
Available in 4 trendy colors.
Smaller and thinner.
Improved sound. 10x Louder
Optimised battery that lasts one year