1. Attach Filo
to your valuables

Attach Filo to your keys or to your bag,
drop it in your backpack or put it in your wallet.

2. Download the App

Follow the instructions in the app
and connect one or more Filo in a few, easy steps.

Home Apple store   Home Google Play

3. Check the position of Filo

The App will show you how close you are to your items.
You can even make your Filo ring, to retrieve it in seconds.

4. Remember where you left your valuables

Is your Filo out of range?
Check its last registered GPS position in the app.
Finding the place where you last parked your car
or left your keys won’t be a problem anymore.

5. Retrieve your smartphone

Did you leave your smartphone behind?
Just press the button on your Filo to make it ring,
even if it’s in silent mode!