What is it?

What is Filo?
Filo is a tracker that uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low energy (BLE 4.0 LE) technology. Filo helps you to find your items with the help of a dedicated smartphone app. Filo is compatibile with smartphones that use Bluetooth 4.0 technology. A detailed list is available below.
Does Filo work with my phone?
Filo is compatible with:
Does Filo work with Windows or BlackBerry devices?
No, Filo works only with iOS and Android Operating Systems. If you would like to be informed on future updates please write to us at support [at] filotrack.com

Using Filo

What is Filo's maximum range?
Filo’s range is between 10 and 80 metres.
What can affect Filo's range?
As with any radio wave, including Bluetooth, the surrounding environment can affect it’s range. This means that Filo’s range can be affected by walls or other obstacles present in both open and closed spaces. This implies that, under optimal conditions, Filo’s range can reach up to 80 metres, but when surrounded by obstacles, the range may be lower.
What happens when Filo goes out of range?
When your Filo exceeds the Bluetooth range or it disconnects from your smartphone, the GPS of your phone – if previously turned on – registers the last location in which your Filo was detected. You can check the position of your Filo on the map provided in the App. Therefore if you leave one in your car you can always see where you parked it.
How can I find my Filo?
When Filo is within Bluetooth range you can make it ring using the App. Simply press the Bell Button in the App to make Filo ring and find it in seconds. If Filo is not within Bluetooth range of your smartphone you can check it’s last seen location on the map: this way you’ll always know where you left it!
What is the button of Filo used for?
If you press the button on your Filo, the smartphone that is connected to it will start to ring, allowing you to find it in a matter of seconds. Disclaimer: your phone will only ring if Filo is within its Bluetooth range or once it reconnects to your phone.
What happens if I turn off Bluetooth on my phone?
If you turn off Bluetooth, Filo will disconnect and stop working. As soon as you turn Bluetooth back on any Filo device in Bluetooth range will reconnect automatically to your smartphone.
What happens if I turn off my smartphone
If you turn off your smartphone, Filo will disconnect and stop working. As soon as you turn it back on any Filo device in Bluetooth range will reconnect automatically to your phone.

General Information

Is the Filo App free?
Yes it is! The App is available for Apple and Android devices. Just search for “Filo” in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. You can also download it directly from the following links: If you are unable to download the App please contact us at support [at] filotrack.com.
How many Filo devices can I connect to my smartphone at the same time?
iOS devices can support up to 8 Filos simultaneously. Android devices can support 3 to 6 Filos at a time. Disclaimer: the available memory on certain models of smartphones or tablets may affect these numbers.
In order to use Filo do I need to connect anything else to my smartphone?
Absolutely not! The only things that you need are your Filo(s), the App (that you can download for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store), and a compatible smartphone.
Once I connect Filo to my smartphone, can I still use other devices that require Bluetooth?
Yes, Bluetooth 4.0 supports simultaneous connections and therefore Filo’s connection will not disrupt other Bluetooth communications.
What are Filo's dimensions? Is it thin?
Yes. It is 38 mm x 38 mm x 6.8 mm: you can even slide it into your wallet.
Is Filo waterproof?
Filo is water resistant: it will not be damaged if it becomes wet due to rain or splashes. However, it cannot be immersed in water.
Can I share my Filo with another person?
You can connect multiple Filos to the same device, but you cannot connect the same Filo to multiple devices simultaneously.
Do I need to pay a monthly fee to use Filo?
Absolutely not! To use Filo, you only need one or more Filo units, a compatible device, and the free iOS or Android App.
Does Filo works in my Country?
Yes, Filo works in any part of the world and does not have geographic limitation.
Can other people see my Filo devices?
No. Filo is visible only to the person using the smartphone to which it has been paired. No personal information will be recorded or shared with other people.
Does Bluetooth always need to be enabled for Filo to work?
Yes. Filo can only function if the smartphone to which it is paired has its Bluetooth feature enabled.
Does Filo use GPS?
Filo is only a Bluetooth device and therefore has no integrated GPS. The position of the device, that is shown in the App, is the position registered by your smartphone’s GPS. Your smartphone automatically registers the location of the Filo device when it is connected, and right before the connection is disrupted: this way you know if your items are near you, and if they are not, you will know the last position and time that you left them.


What type of battery does Filo use?
Filo uses a common CR2016 battery (found in any Supermarket or Hardware store).
Is the battery included?
Yes it is.
Where can I buy a CR2016 battery?
You can find it in any Supermarket or Hardware store.
Is the CR2016 battery rechargeable?
No, it needs to be replaced.
How long does the CR2016 battery last?
The CR2016 battery is replaceable and can last up to 10 months, depending on how much it is used. The minimum guaranteed duration is 3-4 months. Filo is a device that once activated continuously seeks to remain connected to the smartphone that it is paired with. If Bluetooth isn’t activated on the smartphone, Filo will continue to search for it’s paired device, thus draining battery.
How do I know if the battery CR2016 is running low on battery?
You can check the status of the battery from within the App: select the Filo you want to check, then enter in the Information screen, by clicking the icon in the top right corner.
Will Filo consume my smartphone's battery?
Filo uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology, so the impact on your smartphone’s battery will be minimum.
I have received a Filo with a flat battery. What should I do?
If you have received a Filo with a flat battery, send an email to support [at] filotrack.com with the subject line “BATTERY DOA” and our team will contact you to offer the best possible solution.
How can I replace Filo's battery?
In order to replace Filo’s battery, please follow these steps:
  • Lay Filo on a flat and stable surface, with the “LO” facing upwards
  • Locate the angle with the silicone ring
  • While holding down the device, carefully pry open the device from that corner
  • Take out the chip and pull out the battery
  • Place the new battery with the “+” side facing upwards into the chip (“+” face must connect to the metal tab)
  • Close the device.
If Filo does not ring, does it mean that the battery is flat?
Check the App to see if Filo appears disconnected (grey icon). Afterwards take your Filo device and hold the button down for at least 10 seconds, if the device does not ring, it means that the battery needs to be replaced.

Filo’s Ringtone

Can you change the volume of Filo?
No, Filo’s volume cannot be changed
Is it possible to change the type of ringtone for Filo?
No, Filo only has one ringtone that cannot be changed.
When I press the bell button in the app my Filo doesn’t ring, what can I do?
First, check the battery status (if you need help doing so please check the FAQ under the Battery section). If you see that the battery is not dead it may mean that Filo has disconnected and needs to be reconnected to your smartphone.
I made Filo ringing while using the app. How can I make Filo stop ringing once I’ve found it?
To make Filo stop ringing, simply press the bell button in the app. If you don’t have your smartphone in hand just press the button inside the ‘O’ on the front of the Filo.

Phone Ringtone

In order to make my smartphone ring do I need to hold down the button on Filo?
No, just pressing it once will work. Attention: Your phone will ring only if Filo is in Bluetooth range or once it reconnects to your phone.
Why is there a notification on my phone saying “Filo is looking for you”?
Every time that you press Filo’s button to look for your phone, you will receive a notification that is accompanied by a ringtone. Some Android models may not have this notification and in this case please contact us on our support page.
I pressed Filo’s button to look for my smartphone but my phone doesn’t ring or the volume is low. How can I change the volume on my smartphone?
The solution to this problem is different for iPhone (iOS) and Android phones and to change the volume please follow the steps below:
  • For iOS: Swipe up on your home screen to access the control center. Next immediately, swipe left to access the Music Volume of your phone (not the same as your phone’s ringtone volume). Make sure that the Music Volume is not set to 0, otherwise you won’t be able to hear your phone ring from Filo.
  • For Android: Go to Settings >> Sound and notifications >> Volume >> Change the Media Notification Volume / Notification Volume (depending on the Android Model)
Next open the Filo app. Make sure that the Mute setting is not turned on by pressing on the small horizontal lines in the top left hand corner when opening the app and accessing the side panel. If the button to the right of “Mute” appears in green(iOS) or red(Android) it means that the mute function is activated.
How many seconds does your phone ring for after pressing Filo’s button?
When you press the button on your Filo to make your phone ring, the ringtone will last for about 3 seconds. You can continue to press the button on your Filo again to make your phone ring repeatedly.
What does the “Mute” button do in the Filo app?
If you turn the “mute” button on green(iOS) or red(Android) instead of grey, your phone will not ring when you press the button on your Filo, but you will still receive a notification on your phone screen. If you turn off this feature (making the mute button grey), your phone will ring every time that your press the button on your Filo (even if your phone is in silent mode). In iOS, if the music volume is at zero, your phone will not ring from Filo, and you will only receive a notification.

Smartwatch App

Is Filo compatible with my smartwatch?
The Filo app is compatible with the Apple Smartwatch and all other smartwatches that have Android Wear operating systems (For more information on compatible Android models, click here).
How can I install the Filo app on my smartwatch?
In order to install the Filo app on your iOS or Android smartwatch, simply download the app for your smartphone from the respective app stores and the Filo app will automatically be available on your smartwatch in just a few minutes.
Is the Filo smartwatch app free?
Yes, the app for your Filo smartwatch is free and corresponds to the same one that you download for your smartphone.
What features does the smartwatch app have?
The application for your smartwatch allows you to see the status of your Filo(s), allows you to make your Filo ring while still connected to your smartphone, and also allows you to visualise the last seen location of those Filo(s) that are out of range. By clicking on the “pin” in the app, you can navigate towards your Filo as well.
Can I connect my Filo directly to my smartphone?
No, Filo can only be directly connected with your smartphone.  You can use your smartwatch app to interact quickly with your Filo, without having to go through your smartphone each time.   Attention: your Filo(s) will only show up as in range if they are close to your smartphone and out of range if they are far from the phone. The smartwatch allows you only to interact more quickly with your Filo but the connection runs only between Filo and your smartphone.  The smartwatch is an extension of the app from your smartphone.
Does the Filo smartwatch app work even if I don’t have my smartphone with me?
As long as the smartwatch is connected to your smartphone, the Filo smartwatch app will work; as soon as the smartwatch disconnects from your phone, the application will stop working and will indicate that it has lost connection with your phone.
Does the Filo smartwatch app work even if I don’t install the Filo app on my smartphone?
No, the application for Filo on your smartwatch will only work if the app is present on your smartphone.
Does the Filo app consume a lot of my battery on my smartwatch?
The Filo app consumes battery only when it is opened on your smartwatch, otherwise it should not influence the battery of your watch.
If Filo is out of range, what can I do from my smartwatch?
When Filo goes out of range from your smartphone, you can see the last seen location of your Filo directly on your smartwatch. Remember: the position shown on the map is the last seen location in which the Filo device was connected to your smartphone.
Will my Filo consume a lot of my battery if I have the smartwatch app?
No, the battery consumption of Filo does not depend at on having the app on your smartwatch.

I want a Filo!

Where can I buy Filo?
Visit our web page www.filotrack.com and click “BUY NOW”.
How do I pay?
Here are the following payment methods:
  • Paypal
  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Prepaid PayPal card, Discover, American Express, Carta Aura
  • Electronic bank transfer at this address: Filo Srl – Banca Popolare di Sondrio
    • IBAN: IT54 G056 9603 2260 0000 3659 X11
    • BIC: POSOIT22
    Please use your order ID, provided on the checkout page, as payment description.
Once I have completed my order, how do I know that it was successful?
You will receive an email from us regarding your order; if you can’t find the email please check your Spam folder or write to us at support [at] filotrack.com.
How can I track my order?
Once your order is shipped, TNT will send an email to the address you provided, giving you a tracking number and a link to trace your order.
If I have any more questions, who can I contact?
For any further assistance or information please contact us at support [at] filotrack.com or call us between the hours of 09:00 and 12:00, Monday to Friday, at +39 06 62288004.

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