• The perfect corporate gift
    for your business and customers.

    Filo can help your clients, partners, or staff
    find their most valuable items.
    It’s customizable and innovative.
    100% MADE IN ITALY.

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The perfect corporate gift
that helps you find your keys.
Customised with your logo.

Filo is a small device that helps your clients, partners or staff
find their most valuable items with the use of an app.
Filo is convenient, innovative and 100% Made in Italy

How it works

Filo is the bluetooth device that helps you find your items with the use of an app.

Attach it to your valuables

Attach it to your valuables

Attach Filo to the items that you don't want to lose.

Make it ring

Make it ring

When using the app you can make Filo ring, helping you find it, along with your items, in seconds.

Last seen

Last seen

Can't remember where you left your keys? Check the app to view where you last left them.

Find your smartphone

Find your smartphone

Find your phone in seconds! Make it ring by pressing the button on your Filo device, even if it's in silent mode.

Over 100 companies have already chosen Filo

Make your events or gifts unforgettable with Filo

A design your clients, partners and staff will love, 100% Made in Italy.

Choose from three customisable choices for your gift

<span style="color: #ff695e;">1. Customise Filo</span>

1. Customise Filo

Print your company’s logo on the back of the device.

<span style="color: #ff695e;">2. Customise your package</span>

2. Customise your package

Decorate the cover package with your own design.

<span style="color: #ff695e;">3. Filo all-in-one</span>

3. Filo all-in-one

Customised Filo + Package.

Choose and customise the perfect color for your brand

Filo 9 colors

Filo is quality, style and innovation.

Choose an innovative gift for your clients, partners or events.

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